Welcome to Shae's World!!!

I'm an Architectural Photographer that loves every project I work on. I started as an Architectural major in High School in Montclair, New Jersey, and went to college for Photography in Philadelphia. That was where I found the Love of Architectural Photographer and have never looked back. I am a trained fashion photographer that told my instructors they were going to train me as an Architectural Photographer. I didn't want to think of Fashion anymore, Buildings were in my future.I only want to do things that make me happy and keep a smile on my face whether that's accidentally building an App, organizing my music collection, or just making everyone I meet feel special.

A little bit about my company...

The company is named after me because I have a famous name: Shae (Shea Stadium), Redding (Otis Redding - who is my cousin), and Rogers (Mr. Rogers) 🤣. I started this company 11 years ago after coming back from New Mexico. When I started, I was just trying to get any projects that came my way.

When 2020 came around, I decided that it was time to change the company.  I no longer wanted to take any project that came my way, I want to take the right project that will help grow the Client's company. See, I'm here to help build your companies portfolio so you can use the images for Advertisements, Social Media, Contest/Awards, and selling to clients. Not only do I take your vision, I sense the builds vision and bring it all together in a series of photographs.

Take a look at my work!
I hope you join my world...
Shae Redding - Rogers