Shae Redding - Rogers
Architectural Photography
Shae Redding – Rogers is the owner of Shae Redding – Rogers Architectural Photography. When it was time to name the companies, Shae looked online to see what domain names were available. She loved her name but wanted to use the word Photography at the end. As she was looking there were a lot of 'Shae Photography' out there and then she thought to herself, "why not use my full name and then add 'Architectural Photography' at the end, but the name of the company will be your name". Growing up in Brooklyn, New York if people didn’t know your name you were a nobody, so it was a perfect fit. Shae attended The Art Institute of Philadelphia where she majored in Photography and learned the science of photography from the view camera to the digital camera and everything in between. After leaving school, Shae moved to New Mexico thinking she would start her business there, but with no luck Shae and her family moved back to New York and the company started over. She focused only on Architectural Photography and growing a portfolio in that area. Since 2011, Shae Redding – Rogers has been growing slow and steady. But every year Shae makes major strides within this industry and with the company.
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